Five classic wedding witness testimonies

 It's a great honor to be asked to be a witness, but it's also very important in a wedding. Small make up bring 5 classic marriage witness testimony, let you know the marriage words of the witness how to be unique and good cheer, acting as a witness you might as well learn to imitate it.

  Five classic wedding witness testimonies are ingenious and well-received

  Marriage witness testimony

  The first: classic funny

  Little A and little B went through A lot and finally got together. From now on gender is not a problem, and geography is not distance. At the same time, we would like to thank the black abandon, his sister, cat big and other professional onlookers and the new couple have been around for a long time.

  In this affair, gay love s generation was born to them after forty-nine days of suffering, seventy-two species of the change of the bizarre, eighty general inhuman, did, the difficulties in the way. Today, they finally fell into the same pit!

  Love, perhaps only needs two beating heart is enough; But marriage is about love and responsibility, and it's about losing your most precious freedom Life is precious, love is dearer, and both can be thrown away if it is freedom. But today, our new people, for the sake of love, have abandoned the most precious freedom. Let's give them our warmest applause for their courage!

  Now that you have chosen this path of uncharted exploration So from now on, you will abide by the rules of the road: whether you are short of money or am I rich, regardless of sickness and a cold, bad environment, life and death, you will be wholeheartedly devoted to love each other, firmly on the same plane, don't train, don't cheat, mutual affinity, grow old together forever.

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