Wedding shoes bridal shoes complete red and white classic collocation

 Today, we bring wedding shoes and bridal shoes picture complete, red and white classic color matching is the bride's favorite. Of course, we can't get rid of fashion! Here are some super beautiful bridal shoes.

  Wedding shoes bridal shoes picture complete red and white classic collocation

  Red wedding shoe

  Nifty little round head: fashionable classic design, let happiness return to the original pure and simple, wedding with a hundred. Sexy elegant thick with today's fashion elements, high-heeled shoes is a symbol of elegance and charm, 11 cm to modify the legs on the vision, enhance the feminine taste, has always been the darling of the wedding, make you more beautiful and moving.

  Pure white wedding shoe

  The fashion that an organic whole forms includes mouth clipping, tie-in painless sandalwood of shoe, when still comfortable. The biggest characteristic that two sex appeal fish mouth designs is to let a toe "if appear faintly" take a few minutes sex appeal already, do not break dignified grace again, the foot that double foot can decorate thereby is perfect! Shiny sequins make the entire shoe look shiny.

  Purple wedding shoe

  The design of plain color, contracted design, do not have heavy and encumbrance feeling, pure and fresh quietly elegant, melting 100 take.

  White lace wedding shoes

  Into a church at the moment of, meet with his eyes, wedding shoes on the floor is ringing sound, as a sacred and romantic oath in any disease or health, go to the end of the life together with him. A dignified and elegant wedding shoes let you show more noble atmosphere. Beautiful exquisite lace, round pearl, and 10cm glass fine heel, you must look noble and elegant.

  Vintage red wedding shoes

  The silks and satins were fine and smooth, and the golden goatskin was sewn into them. The festival of Chinese red holds grace concurrently, show the luxurious feeling like palace. The height of 8cm is the most dignified for a bride who yearns for a graceful pace and is unfamiliar with high heels. Shallow-mouthed shoes elongate the lower leg line and make the most beautiful bride.

  Golden wedding shoe

  The design of restoring ancient ways and costly, reveal the goddess image of little lovely between dignified elegance, embed elegant and noble burnish. If the wedding is held in such disguise, the girls attending the wedding banquet will scream in their hearts.

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