How do you decorate a wedding car

Part one: locomotives

  The locomotive is the main part of the decoration of the whole wedding car. It is also the key point of wedding car appreciation. Therefore, the front flower decoration is the key to the car decoration.

  Form: the common form is to use western way to arrange a flower to decorate a style, combine with more flowers and leaves a relatively regular pattern, give a person with atmosphere, fervent, happy feeling. It can also be decorated with Oriental or modern free-style flower arrangement style, with less flowers and leaves combined into an irregular pattern, giving people a novel, unique and romantic feeling. It is less common to decorate with 1-2 hearts or "V" shapes.

  Parts: use western flower arranging style to decorate, under the hood central location, decorated with eastern style and modern freestyle flower arrangement, on the front cover of a left a right or in tandem.

  Production: first, use plastic wrapping paper and packaging bag sufficient moisture absorption flower mud, exposed on the upper, lower, with four, six or eight plastic suction cup will parcel flower mud firmly fixed on the car body, and then insert the matting in turn leaves, outline flowers (selection), the main body (DaTiLiang flowers) and populate the flower (small size), finally in the flowers of the space above the appropriate insert filling, this reflected the virtual (leaf), solid (spend) combining of flower arrangement, and cover the fixed materials.

  Requirements: one must firmly adhere to the car, so as not to speed too fast, the flower shape damage. Second, the height should be controlled, and the height should not affect the safety of the driver's driving, which is generally within 30cm. The third is to mix flowers and leaves to reflect natural beauty. 4. Cover cement, suction cups, wrapping paper, packing tape and other fixed materials to avoid exposing the attached materials used for fixation.

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