Summer sun protection skin care tips bride-to-be should know before marriage skin care

 For the bride-to-be, summer sun protection and skin care have officially started in this hot summer. Before marriage prevent bask in protect skin to prepare but very important, today is about to tell prospective bride people a summer prevent bask in protect skin to protect skin small common sense.

  Summer sun protection skin care tips step 1: choose the right summer cleaning products

  Clean the skin steps for many women have not been very seriously, will use some not suited to the characteristics of the summer skin cleanness force too strong or too much alkaline cleaning products, such not only can not thoroughly clean the skin, also can damage skin membrane. Proper cleaning is an important prerequisite for summer sun protection, and choosing the right skin care products for this season is also particularly important.

  Summer sun protection skin care tips step 2: choose carefully conditioning water

  Toner or toner is our common name for toning water. Toning water is always important in the four seasons. In summer, we should follow the physiological condition of skin metabolism fast, choose the refreshing toner or toner that focuses on hydration, convergence, balance and bacteriostatic function.

  Summer sun protection skin care tips step 3: whiten, moisturize together

  Summer ultraviolet ray is easy to make the skin becomes yellow, change black, cause the skin pigment is calm, color spot aggravates, the skin moisture also is easy to lose. Choose both whitening, hydrating, nutrition, less oil content of lightweight lotion or cream of pure plant formula, is more suitable for summer skin care products, such products for your skin is relatively comfortable no burden, most people prefer.

  Summer sun protection skin care tips step 4: plant sunscreen products are ideal

  Sun protection is essential for summer skin care, and if not well done, all skin care may be lost: tanning, sunburn, pigmentation, spots. Therefore, it is ideal to choose a plant type sunscreen product with uv protection, anti-light aging, comprehensive protection and fresh and breathable. Chemical sunscreens can cause allergies and aging of the skin.

  Summer sun protection skin care tips step 5: antioxidant repair is important

  It is also essential to use basic skin care products with anti-oxidation properties, in addition to regular use of anti-oxidation and repair functions. The use of the face paste is very simple, especially immediately after the sun, the effect is outstanding, the skin can also be improved immediately.

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