Bride's church wedding vows:

XXX, god has taught me to be your obedient wife just as I am to him. Our heavenly father created women to be men's help. Therefore, I am eager and happy to obey this bible teaching. I promise you with all my heart that I will be a wife who loves you and helps you.

  8. XXX, I love you. Over the years I have prayed that god would bring me to the one he chose for me. I praise him because he has fulfilled his promise. No matter the trial after now and in the future life, I promise you will always be loyal to you, follow your life, just as you follow god, when we live together in together, we will have more the image of Christ, and our family will be celebrate god's place.

  Bride's church wedding vows:

  9, in this special day, XXX I remembered the bible James first chapter 17 said: "every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of lights; in him there is no change, no rotation of a shadow." When god gives you to me, I know that I also face many new responsibilities. I corinthians say, "he who seeks to keep a servant is to be faithful." But I cannot accomplish such a mission alone, XXX, but by the grace of god and the ability to operate in my heart, I long to be obedient to your leadership and be your faithful wife. I know the Christ Jesus, who loves you and protects you in all circumstances, has given me to you today to keep me with you and to be a faithful wife to help you.

  10, in front of the god that brings us together, with this ring, I, marry you XXX XXX to be my husband, I will take good care of you and cherish you, in all things to you, follow you, is the same as you follow god. Through the grace of god, we can grow together, more like Jesus Christ, our savior.

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