What color and color is the best color for bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dress to agile, fashion, and not too loud, took the elegance of the bride, so choose a suitable color of the bridesmaid dresses is very important, then it is very bad for wearing the wrong color. What color can't a bridesmaid wear? So let's do that.

What color can't bridesmaids wear

What color should bridesmaids not wear - red

Chinese people pay attention to red, red, and red. In a traditional Chinese wedding, red is only the color of the bride and groom. The wedding dress that the bride wears is red commonly, if the dress of bridesmaid is choosing red, have the suspicion that upsets the bride, such is very bad, can say taboo. But bridesmaids can opt for a lighter red dress that is not the same color as the bride, so they can avoid the suspicion of stealing the show. Bridesmaid dresses color taboos to be an elegant bridesmaid

What color should bridesmaids not wear - white

It says that red is the only color that belongs to the bride in a traditional wedding, and that white is the only color that belongs to the bride in a western wedding. In the modern western wedding, the bride is usually wearing a wedding dress, and the wedding dress is usually white color. If the maid of honor chooses white dress again, also unavoidably noisy take over the meaning of the host. At this point, bridesmaids can choose colors that are similar to white but less elegant, such as champagne, light yellow and light blue. The most important thing is to agree with the style of the wedding.

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What color can't bridesmaids wear -- black

The black dress is depressing, so it's not very popular at weddings in China. Because black is usually present in funerals, if there is a black dress in the wedding, it will be very bad. So the bridesmaid dresses color choice, black is also a big taboo, but must remember. In addition, the black mesh socks should not appear on the wedding, appear very frivolous.

What color do bridesmaids wear best

The important rule of bridesmaids choosing dresses too much is that they should not take over the bride's head and match the bride's dress with the theme of the wedding. The color that does not suit to be a bridesmaid dress on the wedding is explained above for everybody, 3 color taboos, does bridesmaid have to remember good? After reading the above content, many girls may be confused, so what color of dress is the most appropriate? So let's do that. Wedding bridesmaid dress color recommendation make a perfect bridesmaid

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