Pregnant bride takes wedding photos to take care of safety first.

 With the opening of the society, more and more brides are having babies before they hold their weddings and take wedding photos. In particular, more and more pregnant women are taking wedding photos now, and it seems to be a trend to pay more attention to the wedding photos of pregnant brides.

  Pregnant bride takes wedding photos to notice matters.

  Must choose professional wedding photography shooting, this professional will be more strong, the photographer is more experienced, and there are many special pregnant woman clothing can choose, clothing clean, also they regularly to the clothing disinfection. The most important thing is that the meguiar's light does not radiate and reduce the risk.

  Pregnant bride takes wedding photos to notice matters 2.

  Because women tend to be heavier when they are pregnant, especially with arms and thighs, pregnant women may not feel it when they are doing it, but they are disappointed when they look at the sample. So want to choose suit own clothes according to oneself circumstance, want to choose the wedding dress with taller waist line commonly. In addition, you can ask the studio to repair the place you are not satisfied with.

  The pregnant bride takes wedding photos with three points.

  The wedding dress of the pregnant woman is chosen in the wedding dress fabric, texture and color are also exquisite. If the bride looks a little fat, it's best not to choose a pure white wedding dress, but choose rice white, champagne and light gold. Fabrics also avoid satin, because the satin has an expanding effect. The design that can choose lace more, because bud silk can produce downy and the visual effect that receives a bundle.

  The pregnant bride takes wedding photos with attention to item 4.

  The first three months of pregnancy because of fetal development is not stable, some pregnant women that just was pregnant body weak, so the couple for their wedding photos must according to their own physical condition to determine whether taking pictures, if the body is weak, will try to wait until after three months of fetal stability for their wedding photos, generally five months before pregnancy, pregnant women body appearance performance is not obvious, so this time can also shoot the photos of the beautiful.

  Pregnant bride takes wedding photos to notice the matter 5.

  On the day of filming, you should clean the skin care products at home. Pregnant mothers with the condition can bring their own face, and some foundation and lip gloss, so as to ensure hygiene and avoid bacterial invasion. Suggest gestational age is not big bride-to-be wear tights to loose clothing appear small belly, it's best to wear flat shoes, insist for a long time at ordinary times is very important for skin care and maintenance, if you usually neglected, one month before the photos to do skin care to caress your skin, recommend doing some facial mask, especially the night before the shooting, let skin in good condition to finish filming the next day, in the night before the photos, remember not to drink too much water, water can cause facial and even serious eye dropsy will affect the whole body.

  The pregnant bride takes wedding photos to notice matters 6.

  Hard if picture taken overwork, pregnant women have an impact on the fetus, so for their wedding photos last night make sure there is plenty of rest, if there is a location, had better choose days the weather is good, suggest another new interior and exterior photos are divided into two days, so we can ensure that pregnant women have plenty of time to rest.

  The pregnant bride takes wedding photos with seven points.

  When the bride makeup and makeup artist communication is good, do not use the cosmetics of the harmful material such as lead, here again, additional conditional bride can choose good point of large studio, general cosmetics are brand rather than a large quantities of replenish onr's stock, or will bring over their cosmetics, so as not to hurt themselves and the fetus.

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