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 Did the bridesmaid make up herself

The bridesmaid is the one who accompanies the bride when she gets married. The bridesmaid is usually her best friend. On the wedding day the bridesmaid should also have a good makeup oh, that the bridesmaid's makeup is your own painting? Do the bridesmaid dresses be painted by themselves or for the wedding? Let's see.

  Did the bridesmaid make up herself

  1. As the content of wedding ceremonies for new couples nowadays is usually left to the wedding company for planning. So the bride's make-up is also the sole responsibility of the wedding company. However, the bridesmaid makeup wedding company is not obliged to give you cosmetics.

  2. However, some couples will ask the wedding company to solve the problem of bridesmaid makeup. Therefore, if in such a premise, bridesmaids can not be bothered about their own makeup look. However, if the bride and groom don't ask the wedding company to make up the bridesmaid, then you need to make up for yourself!.queeniebridesmaid

  Note for bridesmaid dresses

  Color of bridesmaid dresses

  1. At the wedding, the bridesmaid dresses should be slightly lighter in color than the bridal dresses, with warm colors as the main color.

  2. Don't wear a pure white dress to avoid the noise. Bridesmaid dresses are a little lighter in color than bridal dresses and have the same wedding style.

  3. For a festive look, add some red accessories, such as a red skirt, a red belt, or a small area of ground red on the garment. Also can wear some slants red ground warm color, such as light pink, light yellow and so on.

  4. Take part in formal wedding reception during the day. Dress in monochrome. Be careful not to wear too many colors on your body.

  5. It is best not to wear dark color to attend the wedding, especially not to wear black mesh socks.

  Bridesmaid dresses

  Bridesmaid dresses are designed to be simpler than the bride's. Dress style between evening dress and casual dress, do not choose long style mop floor, such as too grand, can emphasize small dress.

  2. The dress should be low-key and dignified, not too revealing, otherwise it will rob the bride's appearance and make the elders in the venue unhappy.

  3. Fashion elements can be added to the details to avoid too orthodox or casual clothing.

  4. Bridesmaid dresses should not be too short, so as not to reveal underwear when outdoor flow, which is not in line with the occasion. If be to wear a suit that contains fashionable and popular ground bud silk lacy lace outside outfit, outside outfit matchs a different ground small condole to take inside, bright color ground, take bead piece ground, multicoloured Mosaic ground, sex appeal smears bosom ground can.

  Bridesmaid dresses accessories

  1. Do not have headdress on the ground of bridesmaid, if the bride is white gauze, you wear white ground skirt, if the bride does not wear long gauze, you wear her similar ground dress.

  2. Bridesmaids had better not wear lipstick and use plain face to set off the bride.

  3. It is better not to wear jewelry and not to be more eye-catching than the bride. If want to highlight the characteristics of bridesmaid, can tie a white silk scarf on the neck.

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