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 The funny stories of a fetus in its mother's tummy can also gnaw at its own little feet

 Takeaway: baby in her mother's belly anecdotes, sometimes on his little feet, happy laugh, not happy time will cry, small make up in the original according to four dimensional colour to exceed in ultrasound can clearly see the baby crying, because at that time to take the baby's hand, but he has been away, don't cooperate, in order to let he put his hand swinging, doctors use ultrasound probe shaking the belly, and then to see the baby is crying.

  In fact, babies spend most of their 280 long days sleeping. But when he is awake, he is an energetic, mischievous, active little guy with a rich and colorful entertainment life you can't imagine: wandering around, yawning, playing with the umbilical cord, sucking his fingers, even gnawing at his feet

  Project 1: swimming in sheep's water

  Before they could be called "fetuses," they began to swim around their mother's womb, aimlessly, in no position to speak of, in any way they wanted, in any way they could, like a leisurely little seahorse. The "fitness" campaign lasted from the age of six weeks to the end of pregnancy until the baby was too big to float in sheep's water.

  Item 2: yawning, sucking and swallowing

  When the mother-to-be was 11 weeks pregnant, the appearance of the baby began to change quietly, but because the baby was only one plum big enough to attract attention, the baby in the womb had a huge change. His heart began supplying blood to all his internal organs and exchanging it with the embryo through the umbilical cord. It's a major milestone in a baby's physical development, and he's learned some new tricks -- yawning, sucking and swallowing.

  Fetal babies yawn like us, opening their mouths wide, but whether it's because they're sleepy and tired that we don't know. The baby's nutrition is transmitted through the umbilical cord, and his sucking and swallowing are of little significance. The amniotic fluid holding the baby's body becomes a toy for him to go in and out of his mouth, swallow and play.

  Exercise your muscles and make faces

  When a baby's hair and nails grow rapidly and his genitals begin to show sexual characteristics, what he does is even more surprising: he is free to move his arms, bend his fingers and toes, and in two weeks he can bend, stretch and turn his hands, wrists, legs and toes. When his bones hardened later in pregnancy, he would often turn over, kick around, shake hands and open his hands. These are all exercise babies doing.

  Babies continue to suck and swallow, adding to the amniotic fluid a new invention, finger sucking, which is really the beginning of the baby's love of finger sucking. Of course, he would touch his face from time to time. Sometimes he would even turn his little feet over and chew them in his mouth.

  When he rich facial expressions are also a lot of, learn to smile, frown, whether we can be regarded as a child baby to the surrounding environment with satisfactory performance, also can treat as is his facial nerve muscle exercise, no matter how our baby began to learn to make faces at this moment, but then he just 10 weeks, 6 cm in length but ah!

  Item 4: play with the umbilical cord

  Apart from sleeping, the baby is not quiet at all. There are no toys for him in the womb. But there was one toy that had to be mentioned, the umbilical cord. It is supposed to be a "channel" for feeding the baby's nutrition. The bored baby regards it as a toy, circling around the umbilical cord and holding on to the umbilical cord. When he was tired of playing, he took a rest. When his spirit was full, he began to play more and more vigorously.

  Item 5: smart ears

  The baby is so "smart" that by the time he is 24 weeks old, he can already distinguish between sounds outside the womb and inside the mother's body. So talk to your baby as much as you can, and try to pat your tummy. It's even better if you can put some nice music on it.

  Actually, in the tire baby 6 months of age is already very sensitive ears, the baby was ultrasonic "spy", he could feel the ultrasonic probe at a slight pressure on my mother's belly, although the belly skin, sheep, water cut off play a role, but the voice of the ultrasonic vibration can reach a baby's ear close to 100 decibels, is equivalent to the sound of the train pulled into the station. So, the noise babies don't like.

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