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 The groom's SOB to the bride moves your favorite girl at the wedding

 The confession of the wedding groom is an important part of the wedding ceremony of many couples. The confession of the groom to the bride is not only a speech, but also a lifelong commitment to the bride. The following is the groom-to-bride sentiment of the bride prepared by the small editor, hope to help you!

  The groom's emotional confession to the bride:

  When we stand before god and all the people and make a marriage contract, I want them to know that because of god's love for me, I understand that god is the most important person in my life. He has chosen me to be his people. I also know that he blessed me and gave me your life as a gift from god for nothing. With this understanding, I promise to love you with the love of god in all circumstances, and with the abundance of god's grace, I am willing to meet your needs and lead you, just as god leads me. When I asked you to marry me, my heart was like psalm 34, verse 3: "magnify the Lord with me and exalt his name together."

  Have a baby with me. I hope to be with our children on your fortieth birthday with only thirty-six candles on your birthday cake. Besides, I believe our children will change their old mischievous ways and say to you with a solemn face like a little adult: "my god, mother, you look only thirty years old, my classmates all say you are more like my sister!"

  3. I don't know if we were together in the previous life, but it's the past tense. I don't know if we'll be together in the afterlife; But that's too far away; I can't handle it. I only care about this life and this life, I hope that in my lifetime, I can do my best to let you in my arms, not the wind, not rain, health and peace, happy!

  Remember that beautiful note you gave me? The moment you sent me, that kind of heartache let me believe that there really is love at first sight in the world, so I fold it into love like treasure to keep around. Today, I finally happily walk together, I once again take out this love to return to you, this folded love, implicates you and me, where the head is full of your love for me, my love for you. Husband, you do so much to me, I feel in the heart.

  Marry me and be my wife. Although you are not a beautiful girl, I can assure you that you will be the most beautiful bride in the world in my eyes. And after marriage, you are still the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes. I hope that when you are eighty years old, I will bend over your ear and tell you, "thank god, he has given me the most beautiful and lovely woman in the world who has no teeth.

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