Dress for Wedding


Understand the basic design of wedding dress to choose the most suitable wedding dress

 A-line dress

  As the name implies, A character wedding dress is just like A capital letter A version of the wedding dress, more concise lines, not much waist, the classic A shape wedding dress is the best choice of princess style, natural and fresh, not simple, tasteless and not too ostentatious.

  Wedding venue: attending a wedding on any topic is a no-brainer

  Fit for crowds: for brides of any size, especially those with meat on their bellies

  Pousse dress

  2. Pousse skirt wedding dress

  The bridal gown of pengpeng skirt relies on its bulk feeling to be able to bring people dream and luxuriant feeling always, also be lovely pronoun at the same time.

  Wedding occasion: attend a grand banquet wedding or a solemn church wedding

  Not for crowds: petite brides

  Tight skirt wedding dress,

  Third, drum-skirt wedding dress

  This kind of contracted and refined marriage gauze is very common on foreign wedding, the curve radian change is not big, but can with changeless answer ten thousand change.

  Wedding occasion: simple and elegant lawn wedding

  Fit for a crowd: a bride who is not well-proportioned or buxom

  Unsuitable for crowds: a petite, over-slender bride

  Fishtail wedding dress,

  Fishtail wedding dress

  The fishtail wedding dress is the most prominent female figure in all the wedding dress silhouette, and it has a high demand for female figure. But the skirt with fishtail design is not very convenient for walking. You should try it on many times and choose the one that suits you best.

  Wedding: attend a traditional banquet wedding

  Fit for the crowd: a curvy bride

  Not for the crowd: brides with proud flesh on their abdomen and flat hips

  High waist wedding dress

  High waist wedding dress

  The high waist line wedding dress shows the noble classical style, highlights the plump chest line, lengthens the proportion of the lower body on the vision, creates the perfect figure.

  Wedding: a romantic beach wedding with a breeze blowing on your face

  Fit for the crowd: a petite woman with proud flesh on her abdomen or a pregnant bride who is unhappy with her leg proportions

  Unsuitable for crowds: a bride with a flat chest or a large chest

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