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Romantic words win hearts

Dear, forgive me for not being good at saying too many sweet things, but please believe that I have a true heart to love you. At this moment, I am very excited, but do not know how to express, those originally backwardly-familiar proposal words were left behind earlier. I only know that you are the only love in my life. I am willing to protect and love you forever.

  You are not happy, I accompany you, when you cry, I accompany you, when you feel uncomfortable, I accompany you, you don't want to go home, I accompany you, no matter what, I can accompany you, just because you are my favorite people, you are my music, you bring me a nice note. You are all to me, you bring color to my life. I love you forever! Will you marry me?

  If I could have this honor, I would like to accompany you for the rest of my life, all the year round. In spring, I accompany you to stroll between the blooming flowers; In summer, I will run with you by the river of joy. In autumn, I walk with you under the flaming maple trees. In winter, I will sit with you around the blazing fire. Year after year, we stay together.

  I want to wake up one eye see you every day, I think every day can hold your hands out of the door, go home, I want to every moment in my life have your shadow, will you marry me, I will try my all, give you the greatest happiness.

  Warm sunshine blue sky, big red happy words happy smile, gorgeous flowers white yarn. My dream is to give you a sweet home, darling, be my wife!

  Meteor across the sky, I promise a wish: love you forever! Your happy smile is the rose that opens in my heart. Put on the ring of love and lead me by the hand.

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