Dress for Wedding


 Bridal makeup on the day of the three - dimensional craze swept back

Wear a light foundation

  The powder should be light, light and light, with a better moisturizing liquid foundation, thin coating on a good layer. After applying the foundation, before applying the powder, use the powder stick.

  Eye shadow dizzy catch

  Use champagne eye shadow first dizzy the position of whole eye socket, had better use light color and illuminative eye shadow. Then use coffee eye shadow in the back of the eye slightly to seasick, let the eye look a bit deeper.

  Avoid dark eyeliner

  Eyeliner also wants to pay attention to pure and fresh nature, cannot go out too far so, avoid to use black or the eyeliner with darker color, gently detailed description, can highlight the divine color of eye shadow.

  Sticky false eyelash

  Finally stick on a bit more natural false eyelash, brush with eyelash creams one side, let false eyelash and true eyelash stick together.

  Pale pink blush

  Gently sweep the apple muscle with a light pink color. The flush on the bride's cheek is the most touching.


  Before besmear lipstick, labial ministry had better use labial line pen to outline, labial color also should choose red department. Apply a lip gloss to the center of your lips to make them appear fuller.


  Makeup look complete

  Simple eyeliner outline and long eyelash and clear eyebrow form collocation, appear clean and agile, big red lip color also relaxed sharp eye makeup, whole makeup look has a kind of microcosmic melting with other kind of maturity feeling.

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