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 Note for custom wedding cake

Many people know that wedding cake is a scenery of wedding, so many couples have to pay attention to some small details in the process of making wedding cake. Don't forget to give cake division to see color samples, don't blindly suggested to cake division, in addition to these custom wedding cake need to pay attention to the problem, now just to get to know what must also pay attention to the small details.

  Note for custom wedding cake

  1. Non-edible color cake

  Those big red, magenta, purple and peach are the worst wedding cake colors. Because when you eat a cake, it's easy to get the color on your lips and tongue. And in case a guest gets drunk and hits the bride with the cake, the color goes back to her face or wedding dress. Don't insist on use grandma cake recipes at the same time, and with his own cooking is usually hard to have a wedding cake needed to achieve this kind of effect, it is better to choose cake division to complete.

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