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Small details and big etiquette

Wedding invitations are becoming more and more versatile, and many couples are confused about how to fill them out. What are the wedding invitations? What should I pay attention to when filling out my wedding invitation? Now let's learn the correct format of the wedding invitation.

  The wedding invitation form

  Chinese wedding invitation form

  According to the Chinese wedding invitation form, write the invitee's full name and honorable name between "sending the invitation to taiqi". Behind "would like to order in the" writing on the larger wedding date (date) (month) (year), can stand side by side on the "Gregorian calendar, the lunar calendar," write the two dates, also can go to one of them, only to the lunar calendar or Gregorian calendar date. The suggested dates are all in capital Chinese. "

  The name of the bride and groom after the word for the wedding is a traditional Chinese wedding invitation form. For example: "Mr. Andy lau, miss liu ruoying" the names of the bride and groom are written side by side to show equality. If parents send invitations, write "liu ruoying, liu dehua's daughter," after the word "for". After "holding", the words "wedding ceremony" or "wedding ceremony and wedding banquet" are usually written to indicate that guests are invited to attend the wedding ceremony and the wedding banquet is prepared at the same time.

  "Please come" is the salutation, just like "this is the salutation", so it is a common wedding invitation form that you do not need to write before and after "respectfully come".

  The full name of the inviter should be written before the invitation, such as "li ka-shing, li mei-wah and his wife".

  After the banquet, write down the specific location of the wedding, such as the banquet hall on the second floor of shangri-la hotel

  "Time" should be followed by the specific time of admission of guests, such as: 10:20 a.m.; This time is usually set about 30 minutes before the wedding.

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