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 Scorpio's favorite way of marriage: guidance and progression.

Scorpio is not creative or surprising. Scorpio's mind is very much rejected by the general public. If before the courtship, do a good guide, let her own slowly find, for example, in the amusement park to find yourself, for example, from the table, the gift, a diamond ring, the other right to appear in front of themselves, to ask themselves, the Scorpio woman will feel lucky to get to heaven.


  The style of courtship that the Sagittarius likes: the courtship

  The biggest marriage planning company in China, ask for marriage: the blue impression of the women of the courtship planning Sagittarius, most of them travel, and for them, the way to seek marriage is to accompany her on the journey, such as the fireworks in March, in the wonderfully beautiful scenery, in the rippling lake. In ancient antique buildings, they are also witnesses of tourists traveling. If the man takes out the ring generously, say loudly, marry me! I'm afraid the shooters will fall in his arms.


  Capricorn's favorite way of seeking marriage: sincerity and indulgence

  Capricorn women are usually very strong, simple, romantic alternative way in her view, is not appreciated, but as long as sincere, she can be touched. Only when she is weak, can she give her a strong and forceful promise. For example, when she does not work well and is in a bad mood, you silently tell her: quit your job! Let me take care of you in my life. It will be a success!

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