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 Summer skin hydrate small coup: night maintenance is the key

A lot of beautiful eyebrow feel the maintenance at night is too troublesome, and sleep besmear at night maintain article, on the face still has sticky feeling, very uncomfortable. But after ten o 'clock in the evening is the best time of skin metabolism and repair, if use moisturizing essence, can make the skin more easily absorbed, and lock the skin moisture also is not lost in the night, keep skin tender.

  Summer filling water in addition to the above introduction of small coup, small make up to introduce some basic methods of filling water in summer, I believe you have a better understanding after, does not fear the loss of skin moisture, in the summer always make water tender the skin.

  Summer skin hydrates small clever way: basic fill water method

  Water replenishment work starts early. In every morning after cleansing, basic skin care work must do, in the process to use at least three moisturizing products: toner, moisturizing lotion, moisturizing eye cream, moisturizing sunscreen, etc.

  2. Drink at least 8 cups of water every day, because drinking water is also the basic way to hydrate the skin. Only when the human body has enough water can the skin moisturize at all times. When going out, you should drink more water to replenish the skin moisture energy.

  When you go to bed at night, remember to put a basin of water in your room to increase the humidity. Because the skin also needs to be replenished during the night's sleep. It is also important to do a good job of hydrating at night. Before bed, hydrating mask is essential.

  Four, drinking water also wants be particular about method, some girls because of concerns about the evening will be lack of water, so a lot of water before bed, this is not a scientific method, the second day you will see the puffy eyes, hydrating effect is not very obvious. The right thing to do is to drink the right amount of water two hours before bed.

  Does the summer skin above complement water small clever move to be able to help everybody? I hope that even under the hot sun, the beautiful young women can always be tender and envy others.

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