Dress for Wedding


 Perfect romantic and western wedding in all aspects

 Marriage is a

  lifetime event for two people. It is very important to choose a unique

  wedding planning process and leave unforgettable moments in your life!

  Western church wedding, as the most active culture in the west, is slowly

  permeating and integrating into Chinese wedding. So how to create a perfect

  western wedding? Here is a romantic and western wedding planning book for

  you, so that every guest is happy for the bride and groom and moved by their


  Western wedding planning plan book to create a perfect romantic western

  wedding in all aspects

  (I) opening: the music of love has been played, and the

  happy moment is coming. Groom XX, bride XX "life's engagement" theme wedding


  I. speech by the host

  Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, ladies

  and gentlemen, good afternoon! Please allow me, on behalf of the couple and

  their families, to express our heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to you.


  turns round and round. When the wheel of history slowly drove to the date of

  the month of the year, two wandering stars were missing under the beautiful

  sky. They will be in this "fate in the sky" for a lifetime of love.


  names are groom XX, bride XX, here, let's turn all the blessings into

  heartfelt applause, applause bless their fate, good people have a good


  The groomsman and the maid of honor enter

  Dear friends, with solemn

  flame will happy angel lightsome pace lit a light of hope and blessing when

  the bell rings in the sky, when the melodious music rotate around, the angel

  of happiness will be leisurely in the visitor's attention.

  The candle light

  shows the light, symbolizing the oath of eternal youth

  Candlelight shows

  vitality and symbolizes infinite beauty

  Wind and rain, the curtain of the

  dynasty, only true love forever

  The groom goes to the stage and goes to the

  flower pavilion

  As the light of happiness ignites one by one, the history of a

  new couple will open a new page from now on. Ladies and gentlemen, the

  exciting moment is coming. Let's take our best wishes and best wishes with


  The groom's call for love

  For this moment, my dear friend, let us hold our

  breath and listen to the call of love.

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