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Recommended destination for honeymoon in October xinjiang

  For those who love experience more than enjoyment, the honeymoon in xinjiang will be special. In xinjiang, as if you are changing every day in the mood of love, walk the desert or appreciate the snow, and the wheat of exultation, just bring carnival, let a person feel like at one fell swoop through the seasons of rotation. This winter, the honeymoon in xinjiang is very different, it is a little hard, but very sweet.

  The 40 skating rinks around urumqi in winter flow in graceful curves from morning to night. Rides on the ice and snow will let you and your partner enjoy a laugh, sledding and snowball fights, ice fishing, snowmobiling, mountaineering adventure, excitement and fresh will make fun of everything your honeymoon is full of laughter. In addition to skating and skiing, you can also enjoy the magnificent scenery of tianshan jungle: the snow-covered mountains are continuous, and the snow sculpture the mountains covered with spruces into huge mushrooms. Don't forget to visit kazak herdsmen deep in the tianshan mountains. Their hospitality will add a lot of warmth to your honeymoon.

  The fairytale kanas, at the foot of the altai mountains, is a forest of birch trees, burning like fire. The kanas and hemu rivers form a semicircle around the altai mountains to Russia and Mongolia. It was a beautiful place, covered with white snow on top of the altai mountains. The vegetation is well preserved because of the lack of human habitation. Autumn has come, it is the time of the annual "color show" here, the birch leaf of the full mountain is yellow, maple leaf is red, autumn wind, the whole mountain is shaking, a gorgeous. Enter this fairytale world, you will be very careful to walk, for fear of trampling on grass, flowers, and disrupting the tranquility of nature.

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