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 Beyoncé Takes Louis Vuitton x Supreme―and New-Mom Swagger―to the Next Level

 No one dresses for date night quite like Beyoncé, and for a night out at West Hollywood foodie destination Sushi Park with husband Jay-Z, the new mother of twins brought a bit of runway chic to a strip-mall setting. Beyoncé arrived dressed in a striped wrap dress by contemporary label Alexis with a plunging neckline, puffed sleeves, and seersucker print―and made it her own thanks to the use of several statement accessories. Layering on gold necklaces, a pair of white cat-eye sunglasses, and a logo-covered Louis Vuitton x Supreme clutch, Beyoncé added swagger to a summer style that could have seemed standard.

  Knowing how to spice up a look is a skill, but sharing an ensemble creatively on social media takes talent. And in addition to posting a pair of sultry snaps taken from across the table that night, Beyoncé gave fans an all-angles video of her outfit set to Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up,” taking her selfie game to the next level. Her biggest accomplishment with the look, though, might have been wearing the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration in a way that feels fresh. By avoiding the monogram jackets and hoodies that have been embraced by seemingly every influencer the last few weeks in favor of the stark, graphic bag, she proved that the most important accessory isn’t a must-have designer piece―it’s a fresh point of view.

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Beyoncé Takes Louis Vuitton x Supreme―and New-Mom
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What do you recommend for an engagement ring

The engagement ring carries the promise of love for both men and women. It symbolizes life and eternity. For this, small make up collect 14 kinds of style for everybody unique luxurious engagement ring, come together understand!

What to buy for an engagement ring:

Artemer yellow sapphire engagement ring: although this gorgeous yellow stone is not a diamond, this ring is a unique beauty. With its unique shape and the beauty of the diamond, this is a perfect fit for an engagement ring.

2, yellow marquise diamond ring: if you don't love smooth nails, shades of lips and eyes, your next tenderness may just be this frosted engagement ring. The complete set of marquise-cut diamonds is in the vertical direction, and the ring is right for tradition and fashion.

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Lyra Nash's yellow sapphire engagement ring: this engagement ring will definitely come from your ring finger. It's all gold.

Monica Vinader star diamond overlay ring: this combination of rose gold and yellow for diamonds will severely multiply your wedding ring overlay game. You can also wear it for a more minimalist solo look.

5. Mociun ordered yellow, white diamond and emerald ring ring: this ring is not one of them, but three different masonry colors, made of two antique diamonds and turquoise. Moicun jewellers are bespoke.

Love yellow lab diamond ring: your love may not be synthetic, but here it is. It is hard to believe that this diamond does not pull the ground, is actually in a laboratory! Thin bands in this bad boy will automatically make your fingers look thinner and diamonds look bigger.

Pamela love Luna ring: this moody moonstone is filled with yellow, translucent hues that make for an amazing engagement ring. Sterling silver and crescent moons surround this beauty as a Bohemian bride.

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How to make a wedding special five points need attention For new

couples, having a unique wedding makes them stand out from the crowd and

makes the special day more memorable. Here's a tip for you!

How to do a

wedding differently

Discard old traditions

A risky wedding celebration. It's

possible to go from a colourful gown to a hilltop wedding, but by far the

biggest trend is to incorporate the couple's personality into the wedding.

"The injection of personalised elements celebrates this festive day for them"

includes elopement and surprise weddings. Adventurous couples might choose a

wedding in the middle of the ocean, while low-key couples might host a

ceremony at a birthday party or housewarming party. Find unique and personal

ways to celebrate your special day.

2, share the wedding on social media


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impossible to attend a wedding without the necessary photos. New people can

use various apps to enhance the experience, and like to use beautiful slides

to turn personal wedding photos into a high-definition continuous recording

wedding. This can be extended to your guests, other than those on the list

with your family and friends who are not disabled for your wedding. Whether

you're sending a spontaneous wedding and singing song video or family photos

via social media, happiness can spread so easily.

3, travel

Travel is a big

part of it, and that life is clearly a reflection of the way they hold their

wedding. Ceremonies and receptions can be big events, but travel is

important. So the wedding is no longer just one day, they will have a three-

day weekend.

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