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 Beyoncé Takes Louis Vuitton x Supreme―and New-Mom Swagger―to the Next Level

 No one dresses for date night quite like Beyoncé, and for a night out at West Hollywood foodie destination Sushi Park with husband Jay-Z, the new mother of twins brought a bit of runway chic to a strip-mall setting. Beyoncé arrived dressed in a striped wrap dress by contemporary label Alexis with a plunging neckline, puffed sleeves, and seersucker print―and made it her own thanks to the use of several statement accessories. Layering on gold necklaces, a pair of white cat-eye sunglasses, and a logo-covered Louis Vuitton x Supreme clutch, Beyoncé added swagger to a summer style that could have seemed standard.

  Knowing how to spice up a look is a skill, but sharing an ensemble creatively on social media takes talent. And in addition to posting a pair of sultry snaps taken from across the table that night, Beyoncé gave fans an all-angles video of her outfit set to Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up,” taking her selfie game to the next level. Her biggest accomplishment with the look, though, might have been wearing the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration in a way that feels fresh. By avoiding the monogram jackets and hoodies that have been embraced by seemingly every influencer the last few weeks in favor of the stark, graphic bag, she proved that the most important accessory isn’t a must-have designer piece―it’s a fresh point of view.

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Beyoncé Takes Louis Vuitton x Supreme―and New-Mom
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 The process of wedding speech is gradual and lively

 Wedding speech 1

  Good morning, distinguished guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen. Today is the year month day, on such a full of festive days, we ushered in the ms XXX, XXX bride groom's wedding ceremony, I'm from huanghe river wedding host taking charge of the team, my name is XXX. Very honored to be two new people entrusted to their host and witness this time a sacred and romantic wedding, here I on behalf of the couple and their elders, for guests to extend our warm welcome and heartfelt thanks, thank you! Thank you. (master of ceremonies bows to guests)

  If love is a beautiful flower, then marriage is a sweet fruit. If love is a little rain in the early spring, then marriage is a bright sunshine after rain. In such a beautiful season, a pair of lovers who really love each other, from acquaintance, mutual understanding, to love, has gone through a romantic journey of love. Ok, my dear friends, at this moment, I want to all the distinguished guests and my mood is same, is with a very much excited mood, looking forward to the mood, waiting for our today's bride and groom, let us put all eyes were focused on the gates of happiness, and in the most warm applause please welcome two new people into this holy matrimony.

  When new people enter the hall, music will echo in the hall, fireworks will bloom in the air, friends and guests, let's give more warm applause to our blessing

  With the beautiful music, a new couple is walking to us is side by side, they are to accept the baptism of god, to enjoy the best moment of the life, let time frames here, let the history remember today, the year month day, the groom and the bride XXX XXX yuan on this life true love eternal! The ceremony begins: cannon fire.

  Today is a turning point and a milestone in their lives. Let's give them a big round of applause. Two people on the platform, arm in arm the moment is a two people together the scenery of the party hold up the sky, like two snuggled up tree, branches and leaves together under the blue sky and the root in the ground each other law school. Wind or rain, every moment is so beautiful, every moment is a touching poem, every moment deserves to be remembered with all the time Hold your hand and grow old together. It should be a feeling of standing side by side. This should be a sense of change from day to day.

  Good day, then, and now, with two loving hearts, our gentlemen and our young ladies have at last entered this solemn and holy chapel of the wedding!

  This is exactly, the talent son matchs beautiful person, the zhinv matchs the cowherd, the flower good month circle, the earth long day! The bride and groom visit the world

  Worship the spirit of heaven and earth, there is marriage on the sansheng stone; -- a bow!

  Worshiping the essence of the sun and the moon, everything grows on her. -- bow again!

  Three thanks to spring, summer, autumn and winter, wind and rain in the full grain! Three bows! At the end of the visit, the bride and groom were invited to face the guests.

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The men's guide to matchmaking and grooming makes a good impression

Men's appearance

  (1) hair style

  As the saying goes, to change oneself must start from the beginning, when men and women meet for the first time on a blind date, it is better to have a natural short hair. If for some reason you want to keep your hair long, make sure it's clean, but don't let the dandruff ruin your image. Of course, also do not recommend fastidious too much on hair, for example in the head with some wax or styling gel, because of your own head powder surface, can let a person feel very uncomfortable, also very insecure. The girl will feel, this man is so focused on dressing up, must not have the motivation to earn money.

  (2) palm

  Usually, the first time they meet, they shake hands. Men remember to wash their hands, especially their nails, short or long. Here's a reminder: no girl would love a guy with long nails. In life, many men will neglect to clean their nails and put their hands up between their feet. It's easy for girls to feel disgusting, let alone make a good impression.

  (3) mobile phones

  Contemporary life, everybody cannot leave the mobile phone, but with the girls meet for the first time, don't take your mobile phone in hand or hang on the pants, this can let a person feel you all the time on the phone, it is very impolite.

  (4) pendant

  Is another key men are best not to hang some worthless accessories on the pants, such as keys, the knife and the like, waiting for when you walk, can only reduce your price, the other girl down.

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