How does marriage gauze receive six big marriage gauze to receive skill to recommend

How does marriage gauze receive, it is bridal after wedding wedding must know marriage gauze a thing, marriage gauze is not good than other dress good receive, on marriage gauze a lot of adornment, if be in receive when a little uncareful, can be damaged, how should receive good marriage gauze after all? This article is detailed for everyone on the wedding dress storage skills.

How is the wedding dress received?

Wedding dress storage method one

From the purchase of wedding dresses to the wedding, this period between how to save the wedding dress, so that it has the most beautiful presentation on the wedding? The specific method depends on the time. If you have less than 10 days to spare, you can hang the wedding dress on a hanger and put a hood on the outside to keep the dust off. If the free period is longer than 10 days, then you should pay attention. Should put marriage gauze flat on white sheet, go up together with sheet, fold marriage gauze in lumbago place in half, flat put on the shelf of almirah. Most bridal shops use cloth bags, and don't use plastic covers or plastic bags. The gas from the plastic will make the fabric yellow.

Wedding dress storage method 2

After the wedding, before you take off your wedding dress and put it in your wardrobe, "cleaning" is a must. At the end of the wedding ceremony, there will be sweat stains, cosmetic marks and wine on the wedding dress more or less. If these stains remain on the wedding dress for a long time, they will cause the fabric color to turn yellow, and make it prone to mold or other chemical changes.

But wedding dresses are different from ordinary clothing, with satin fabrics and intricate decorations, and ordinary cleaning and dry cleaning are not appropriate. Recommend using a soft washing agent, the wedding dress in 30 ℃, 40 ℃ water soak for 30 minutes, gently rub stains serious local, or with a soft brush dipped in detergent scrub slowly. When rubbing, scrubbing, must pay attention to the above ornaments, like beads, sequins, before must check whether solid. Now bridal shop can help send wash commonly, pay to clean cost additionally good. When air is basked in, the proposal is laid flat on a ventilated and ventilated platform, do not want to hang directly with clothes tree, the weight of water adds marriage gauze originally weight, very easy will marriage gauze elongate, bring about deformation.

1. Please check if there is any decoration that can be removed before washing. If possible, remove it before cleaning.

2. When soaking, turn the wedding dress upside down as far as possible. This will protect the ornaments on the wedding dress.

3. When buying a wedding dress, you can ask a designer or shop owner, they must have the most say.

Wedding dress storage method 3

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The last step is to put the wedding dress into the cabinet. At this point, in order to avoid sweat stains on your hands, you need to bring a pair of white gloves, otherwise the previous cleaning steps are done in vain. Then, prepare a suitable size paper box and fold the wedding dress into it. Finally, choose a dry place to store the boxes.

1. Hanging a wedding dress is the stupidest thing you can do. For a long time, you will find that the beautiful wedding dress becomes the old woman with a drooping face.

2. Don't forget the wedding dress lining. Must twist it up to collect, open after a period of time, restore elasticity.

3. The case where the wedding dress is stored cannot be plastic, as the gas released by the plastic will also cause the fabric to turn yellow.

Wedding dress storage method 4

Dress preservation environment is also very fastidious, a PH neutral box is very necessary. For example, a sturdy cardboard box that breathes the dress and ADAPTS to changes in temperature, or a box with a viewing port for cellulose acetate. Others use boxes made from koloplas, a durable new type of plastic. Remember to keep the wedding dress box with desiccant. Finally, a protective bag is placed on the outer layer of the box to provide more detailed protection for the wedding dress.

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