What's a nice little present for your sister's wedding

1. Attractive tableware

Life is not only a dream but also a pleasure. When we learn to live a delicate life, we will find that life will become more and more delicate. Because only those who know how to love themselves will have someone who is willing to love you. So don't make your life rough. Believe in the law of attraction and know that you will live your life in whatever state of mind you have. Send them a set of exquisite tableware, let them live more and more delicate life, this will be your heart's blessing.

2. Unleaded glass oil bottle set

Very practical, accord with a modern home to decorate seasoning bottle suit, inner layer glass material, healthy environmental protection, coat stainless steel, anti-collision, rich adornment effect.

3. New house pottery and clay painting setting pieces

This is the shop's main clay creation, oh, very artistic setting, can be given to the friends who want to marry.

4. Double happiness bracelet with sterling silver tag

Nine times king kong knot, double happiness hanging card, give newlywed couple, imply safe transfer, bless them sweet and beautiful.

5. New artist's engraving image of Q

At this important time, it's worth customizing a cute portrait for the new couple and mounting it in a frame.

6. Longcat mattress tatami

For the dragon cat lover, this is the most beautiful gift! Every kid who loves the dragon cat wishes he could snuggle up to the soft fur of the dragon cat and sleep in peace. Dream into the reality of the feeling ~ like the first gentle sunshine when you wake up in the morning.

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Love means what it says

Ever seen such a scene in the novel plot, boy at Christmas time gave the girl a joker card, the front of the card, drew a cartoon like two people, a dozen, represents the 12 months, 12 different clothes and expression in different locations of cartoon like, behind of the card, there are boys deeds commitment. Moved to tears by this scene, I promise to be abstract in love, but someone is always willing to turn it into a concrete image, firmly telling the other side: love you this matter, I promise to do what I say.

8. Tindor· heat-resistant cold water cup

This cup can't be great in summer! Cold drinks are super sensual. Winter can be used to hold afternoon tea, heat resistant cups for hot coffee and tea are good, do not like drinking too hot water, can also use it to cool water.

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