Partial bang of the hair

The arm hair of partial bang is shown the female noble and mature temperament perfectly, the arm hair is delicate and agile, the face of partial bang is highlighted more delicate and compact, very solemn and elegant!

Classic cheongsam bride hair style 6: Korean hair

Korean twist

Korea department dish hair can reflect the noble elegance of bride most, foil dignified temperament. This hair style still has thin face to trim a face effect, still reveal a fashionable and fresh look in elegant!

Classic qipao bride hairstyle 7: oblique bangs and low bun

A low bun with sloping bangs

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This style restoring ancient ways the flavor strong inclined bang sea low bun hairstyle is to make a bride's socialite temperament. Delicate low bun modelling tie-in qipao, reveal everywhere noble and dignified and elegant.

Classic qipao bride hair style 8: the forehead fleecy hair

The forehead is fleeced and the hair is curled

The dew forehead fluffy go is also a hugely popular bride twist, languid is lazy along with the gender of the fleeciness feeling go to forehead generous revealed, contracted twist is not simple, all reveal a meticulous and perfect show the bride's noble temperament

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