Matters needing attention in wedding photo contract

Before the shooting of a makeup makeup and theme, bride-to-be don't know whether I fit for the theme, general studio can, depending on the type of subject to determine the makeup is the makeup or sootiness makeup, etc., if have the makeup before shooting, but found that don't like, can we change the theme or change the makeup look. There is also whether the studio can provide free cosmetics and essential cosmetics, if not provided or provided not desired how to coordinate. If there is a need to purchase cosmetics, hair accessories, etc. provided by the studio, the price and quantity should be stated in the contract. These have to be determined before. And should note the name of cameraman, makeup artist and grade, different person has different service grade charge.

Matters needing attention in wedding photo contract

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Many studio outlets reception in order to retain the customer oral promises some gifts, but to sign the contract does not mention, or tell the customer say 1 to go into slices, and, in fact, studio each department have a departments of responsibility division of labor is different, everyone is responsible for taking people maybe don't admit, so in when signing a contract to write clearly the some gift. In addition, a lot of wedding photography agency will provide free wedding day wedding dress, wedding photography studio, however good, is not suitable for the wedding, so it is better to give up the service to choose more affordable in services, such as let them to send a few photos. Take wedding gauze photograph to need to have patience, do not be anxious to pay deposit, because picture building has preferential treatment everyday. You can miss and studio service first keep in touch, maybe after two days she will take the initiative to call you to tell you I can give you more discount, if you drag her again for a day or two, give you a gift will increase again. The key is to write these things clearly in the contract, so as not to affect the mood of trouble later. When should I pay the deposit at last? How much is the deposit? When paying earnest money according to law regulation, earnest money should not exceed 20% of the contract mark amount, if exceed this limit, consumer has the right to refuse to deliver. Had better ask clear again deposit under what circumstance can return? Otherwise there will be unhappy people with no money.

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