How to choose a bridesmaid dress to be a bridesmaid to complement the bride

The bridesmaid is the girl who accompanies the wedding at the wedding. The role of the bridesmaid is to choose the girl's close friend or best friend who is close to the bride. So how do bridesmaids dress to complement the bride at a wedding? Follow the small editor to see how to choose bridesmaid dresses, believe that will soon be able to choose a satisfactory bridesmaid dresses.

How to choose bridesmaid dresses 1, dress style

The maid of honor ACTS as a supporting role, so it is a secondary position in the wedding, but at the same time must be beautiful. In the bride's wedding attire belongs to grand type, because this is the most important moments of her life, the maid of honor relative to the youth, so although bride and bridesmaid dresses to dress collocation, but the style of two people is not the same. Therefore, it is suggested that bridesmaids can choose a dignified, elegant or generous bridesmaid clothing style, which can not only be beautiful and steal the bride's spotlight, but also can set off the beauty of the bride.

How to choose bridesmaid dresses

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At weddings, it is recommended that bridesmaid dresses be of a similar color to the bride's, or that they be light and versatile. Never match the bride's color or make it more striking than the bride's. The color that bridesmaid must not choose has 3 kinds, big red, black, pure white, suggest with warm tonal give priority to, also can choose a few decorous not to grab an eye the color. For example: romantic pink, the light purple that reflects low-key and dignified, gentle cream-colored, cool and refreshing green (quietly elegant green, cannot be dark green).

How to choose bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses besides wanting to notice the color of the clothes, but also pay attention to the length of the dress, it is suggested to according to the site, wedding theme to consider, for example: the wedding day the bride is wearing a long trailing dress, the bride can choose a vertical to the ankle long dress, wedding venue is indoor, bridesmaid can choose the small formal attire of the knee. But it's important to be careful that you don't choose a dress that's too short. It's not only dangerous for you to go naked, but it's also very flirtatious for your elders. The length of the bridesmaid dress should also be considered, preferably the length of the bridesmaid's action.

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