Marriage room curtain how chooses to want to consider what element

Marriage room curtain how to choose? The choice of marriage room curtain wants to consider the factor of a lot of respects, for instance the color of the curtain, material pledges and dimension are waited a moment, small make up below from many respects elaborate give everybody introduction.

The window is facing

When choosing a curtain, remember to choose according to the face of the window even, if the window light that faces south is opposite good once, resemble a few gauze, thin cotton or silky cloth are more appropriate. If the window is facing north, it will be cold and gray, so you can choose some warm colors or heavy curtains to increase the temperature. And if the window of the home already faces east or west word, so should choose the curtain that can shade the sun, because the curtain of shade besides can keep out bright light, still can maintain indoor temperature, and still can use natural light to illuminate a room. If the window is in a busy neighborhood, it will be exposed to strong light such as street lamps and billboards at night, so in order to have a comforting sleep, it is better to choose some thicker curtains.

2. Fabric functionality

The most direct effect of the curtain is block light, safeguard morpheus, so the bedroom can choose the curtain cloth with stronger shading sex, and the need light is needed to wait for sitting room dining-room, choose pervious to light so good thin qualitative cloth is better. Additional curtain still has one big effect to cut off noise namely, generally speaking thicker curtain its sound absorption sex is stronger also, the bedroom needs quiet, suit to choose quality of a material so thicker, sound insulation effect good curtain cloth.

3. Curtain size

The area of the curtain should be able to cover the window just can have good shading effect. The length of the curtain should follow the specific circumstance of the window and decide. Floor-to-ceiling Windows and long frame Windows require a floor-to-ceiling curtain; Windowsill is higher than the window of the floor already can use fall shade, also can use the curtain of neat windowsill; Larger Windows should choose curtains with wide window holes so that the talent achieves a visual balance.

4. Curtain pattern

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The door model of the house and window change diversity now, so the choice of the curtain should match the style of the window. For horizontal Windows, if there is no deep balcony and radiator, then the choice of floor curtain is a better choice; The window of view mostly contains large glass, large area, curtains with more cloth, so it is necessary to use heavy curtain rails with mechanical devices such as drawstring. And tall protruding window, can accept by a few individual curtain cloth to form the floor curtain, each curtain cloth is fastened alone, use successive curtain box to connect each curtain cloth into an organic whole.

5. Curtain pattern

The curtain pattern should be coordinated with the size of the Windows of the room and the interior decoration and furniture style. If the window is shorter, it's best to take in vertical stripes; If the window is relatively small, do not choose the curtain of big design, otherwise appear window narrow; Stripe curtain should choose decorous, can cause the illusion that the window tilts otherwise.

6. Curtain color

Marriage room had better choose festival tonal curtain, foil marriage room festival, romantic atmosphere. Can choose red to adorn marriage room atmosphere, also can choose quietly elegant pink is fastened, appear sweet romance more. Some new couple wedding room can choose the curtain of gules and white window screen collocation, both do not appear the color is crossed eye, also do not break festive atmosphere.

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