Latest church wedding quotes

 Church wedding has gradually become a form of wedding for modern young people, so how can we lack the latest church wedding ceremony words to add luster? Here's a look at some of the different things church wedding preachers can do for us.

  The latest example of a church wedding

  Q (male) : are you sure that this marriage is a match made by god and would you like to accept xx as your wife? (male) yes, I do.

  Q (m) : god has made you alive. Take care of your wife with gentleness and patience. Respect her family for your family and do your part as a husband for life. Do you promise to do this before god and all men? (male) yes, I do.

  Q (w) : are you sure that this marriage is a gift from god and would you like to recognize xx as your husband? A: yes, I do.

  Ask (female) : god makes you live in the world, you should always be gentle and dignified to submit to this person, respect him, help him, live alone with him, and build a christianized family. Honor his family for their own, and do your best to be dutiful, to do your part as a wife to the rest of your life. A: yes, I do.

  The latest example of a church wedding

  Mission to

  Minister: ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today for the wedding of... and... Marriage is the sublimation of love and mutual trust. It requires not only lifelong love, but also lifelong trust.

  Today... and... are here to solemnly declare their commitment to each other's love and trust. Priest:... and... now, please announce your wish to the audience.

  Priest:... would you like to marry... as your wife? Will you love her unreservedly and remain true to her forever, whether you are prosperous or poor, rich or poor, healthy or ill, happy or sad?

  Groom: I will.

  Priest:... would you like to marry... as his wife? Whether you are willing to love him or not, whether you are rich or poor, healthy or ill, happy or sad, you will love him without reserve and be faithful to him forever

  Bride: I do.

  Priest:... and..., now please face each other, hold each other's hands, and make a vow to each other as wife and husband. The bride hands the flowers to the maid of honor.

  Pastor:... please tell me. I will marry you with all my heart. Whether good or bad; Rich or poor, health or disease, happy or sad, I will love you without reservation, I will try to understand you, completely trust you, we will as a whole, each part of each other, we will face all of life together, to share our dreams, as equal loyal partner: spend the life in the future.

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