Don't let the smell of sweat interfere with your wedding

 Though the appearance is the first impression of the method, but actually with the thought of absolute is an invisible points, and a certain extent, the smell can reflect each person a different personality, but also because someone according to the "same" object to communication. A lot of the bride on the wedding day will only regard his appearance, but in fact, the wedding day to take photos with different people, entertainment, especially in the summer, sweat hard to avoid, so in addition to makeup look surprised, should also pay attention to the own body details. Besides the perfume that gushes on directly, still have a lot of small secret to be able to let you keep sweet all day actually! Let's see!

  Don't want the smell of sweat to affect your wedding? Here's a great way to keep your aromas fresh all day!

  Spray perfume in the right place

  Maybe you don't realize that there is a difference in how perfume is sprayed in different parts of the body. The fragrance of perfume from the bottom up to the top, so if you sprayed perfume on the pulse position, such as ankle, knee, wrist, chest and ear hind, so the perfume can play the best efficacy. In addition, perfume is sprayed in warm place also can let its aroma develop best, wait like neck, ankle. Finally, the perfume should be sprayed at least a foot away from the body, and even more, it should be sprayed half an hour before going out, so as not to make its fragrance too strong and become pungent.

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