Creative sentence of proposal

 Love your heart, stand the test of time, stand the monotony of life, stand your flaws and temper. Because in my heart, as long as I can be with you is the best, the happiest. Will you marry me? Will you be the only one for me? I will give you happiness!

  18, this year, do everything as early as possible. For fear of being stuck in the road, get out early. If you are afraid of missing the CPI, you should manage your money as soon as possible. Of course, we should get married early, otherwise we will delay the children's soy sauce. Honey, marry me quickly.

  If someone tells you that he loves you, I don't know how you will answer him. But I hope you will, because that's me. If the person wants the rest of your life to go to him, don't hesitate. Because, I am true!

  20, let the sun into my tender feelings, caring about you every day, let the wind into my arms, hug you, my heart just for you, marry me, I want to take my affection and love to accompany you through every tomorrow full of happiness!

  In the face of bread and love, I choose bread. In the face of water and love, I choose water. I want you to live a happy life around me. I don't want to be full of love.

  22, I met you is "fate", love is "separation". So what if we get to the end and get married? What's that called? Interested to know? Promise me, marry me, and I'll give you a perfect answer!

  Fate let us meet, acquaintance let us love, time let us know each other, secular let us keep each other, for our next generation, we combine!

  I don't know how to take care of my family. I don't know how to cook for my family. But I know how to learn and give me a chance. I will go to study, and then let me take care of you, give you the best, the happiest!

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