European-style hollowed-out wedding candlestick

 Wedding candlestick of different styles - european-style hollow candlestick

  Hollow out of the Snow White petals reveal romantic Europe type amorous feelings, during the day, this is an elegant piece of art, when lit candles, the candle is added some obscure ambiguous color, it also added countless romantic feelings for the wedding.

  Log stake wedding candlestick

  Wedding candlestick different styles - log tree stakes wedding candlestick

  This is a wedding candlestick with a strong rural style. We won't say much about the style of wedding. Of course, this candlestick with strong color is more suitable for a traditional wedding. A wonderful combination of fire and salary. The log stump has been polished and peeled, exposing the wood, crude and natural. The small candlestick cup that get rid of penetrates is enchased above, bring a bit of small interest. The light is reflected on the surface of the wood. There is no dazzling reflection or gorgeous projection.

  Roman style wedding candlestick

  Wedding candlestick of different styles - Roman style wedding candlestick

  This candlestick is only applicable to western-style wedding, the Roman style with western full-bodied romantic feelings, even if there is no light, no magnificent palaces, but, as you still is the leading role of the wedding the bride. Will be with the groom to light this life of hope. It sets off the romance of your wedding, low-key and luxurious romance.

  European-style simple square candlestick

  Wedding candlestick of different styles - european-style simple square candlestick

  Pure glass is permeated with a little candlelight, like the spirit that swings behind the crystal wall, although what illuminates is only a small table of ritual table, but also can bring enough romance to you. When the new couple lights the candle, the candlelight is more colorful after the refracting of the glass, and the candlestick under the candlelight will appear more crystal clear. Therefore, this european-style simple square candlestick is very popular among contemporary young people.

  Creative 520 iron art wedding candlestick

  Wedding candlestick different styles - creative 520 iron art wedding candlestick

  Love who will need to be loud, two people will enter a happy marriage life hand in hand, then again at the wedding to express the love for each other sincerely, the choice with 520 digital creative candlestick, who jointly lit the spark of love, it would be a very happy thing.

  How about the latest wedding candlestick style you like? And the interpretation of the wedding candlestick? Everyone knows how to light wedding candlesticks?

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