Chinese wedding etiquette 2018

 Know in advance to avoid mistakes

  Traditional Chinese style wedding, always can let a person be permeated with bright smile, big red happy character, big red lantern, added a lot of lively atmosphere, also symbolized the day of the bride and groom also crossed more red fire. However, the Chinese wedding ceremony marriage etiquette is not to be underestimated, if you do not pay attention to it, you will make a mistake, which is unlucky. Therefore, when choosing a Chinese wedding, couples should know the relevant matters in advance and make no mistakes.

  Chinese wedding ceremony marriage etiquette: marriage

  Marriage matters, according to the parents' orders, through the matchmaker matchmaker, think door to door, exchange "genpstick" (age, birth date eight characters) pressed in front of the god of kitchen god clean cup bottom, in order to test god's will. If there is no bowl and bowl broken, food sour, family squabble, cat and dog upset and other "abnormal" situations within 3 days, please tell the fortune-teller to "row eight characters", to see if the age of the year is suitable, and if the zodiac can be driven. In the old days, people believed in the so-called six year dash and three year dash. Men marry in pairs at the age of marriage, and women do not marry at 19. It is said that chicken and dog (chicken and dog), dragon and tiger (dragon and tiger fight), tiger sheep (sheep fall into the mouth of tiger), snake and rat (snake swallow mouse) are difficult to match.

  Chinese wedding ceremony wedding etiquette: engagement

  Before betrothal, the marriage is discussed, and the marriage is discussed. General "four magenta" or "six magenta" (satin material four to six), two gold rings, a pair of gold earrings; Betrothal gifts, 36 small gifts, 64 medium gifts, 120 large gifts (silver circle); Food, the number "sixty-four", namely baotou sixty-four to 64, 64 only wrapped, sesame cake, etc., are now leading 2 bear to bear, so the students have "both tasteful Beng alive," said lui.

  After betrothal, the man carries the above-mentioned gift to the woman in a bar box. The lady's return gifts are mostly gold ball, oil bag and lady's own embroidery. Marriage certificate, the man sent "over the book", commonly known as "red and green book paper" (paper outside two layers of red and green), the woman sent "back paste" recognition, commonly known as "wen ding." Therefore, when couples quarrel, my wife often says I have "red and green book paper" to restrain my husband. After "wen ding", choose good luck to marry, pick "good day" day by day shop. Relatives and friends give gifts, the wedding is mostly cash, or happiness, happiness axis, and books such as "a hundred years good union, five times its chang", "a match made in heaven". Wedding gifts are usually embroidered or satin coverings, bedding or household items. They also include red dates, peanuts, sweet osmanthus, lotus seeds.

  Chinese wedding etiquette: marry

  Please have a drink and welcome the day is called "good day". Common saying "please eat wine, born Ya worship", good have the bridegroom with red paper "item" please elder relatives (good) a wedding feast, the elder to write a word of "know" under his name. Good custom has yet to be lang, surge, both parents please, women to eat steamed stuffed bun, boold clam, elbow, chestnuts, lotus seed, for "five sub-ka" fluke. Good day a few days ago, the man delivers the woman "sedan chair before carry", general for goose 2, flesh l square, fish 2 tail and so on.

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