How to choose the dress of Chinese style wedding groom

The perfect wedding is what every couple wants. A perfect Chinese wedding must be well prepared. Whether it's a what type of wedding for the bride's dress choose attaches great importance to, but a lot of time to ignore the groom's wedding dress, a Chinese style wedding dress how to choose the groom? Here's how to choose the groom's outfit for a Chinese wedding.

  How to choose the dress of Chinese style wedding groom

  An antique bridal gown for the groom

  Choose to hold a traditional Chinese wedding, when the bride has decided the wedding dress that chooses, groom's wedding dress can be confirmed commonly. Since bridal gowns, such as: han dynasty wedding dress, a chaplet and official robes, XiuHe etc., the groom's dress is a fixed collocation, so the bride and groom can customize according to the bride's dress dress as it is good to match the dress, so tie-in effect more perfect.

  Chinese style wedding groom dress how to choose two

  Chinese classical robe

  A Chinese wedding, the groom can choose classic robe, this is the representative of Chinese style clothing, can match a lot of Chinese style wedding dress, also won't appear nondescript, but color to choose festival red, clothing pattern can have auspicious patterns.

  Chinese style wedding groom dress how to choose 3

  Improved zhongshan suit

  Not only can you choose a robe for the groom, but you can also choose zhongshan suit. Improved but also the traditional Chinese tunic suit, dress pocket removed, you can also choose clothes embroidered auspicious patterns, there is a style of Chinese tunic suit cannot contain the thick Chinese amorous feelings, the perfect combination of fashion and classic, still can make the wedding is innovative tradition.

  Chinese style wedding groom dress how to choose 4

  Classic tangzhuang

  The festival has very rich tang suit to have traditional flavor and rich national characteristic, also be representative of Chinese menswear belt, the groom chooses happy tang suit as wedding dress also very good choice.

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