Western wedding ceremony process host word, wedding vows.

Two new people, please put your right hand in the place where your heart beats, please listen carefully to every word I say, and please believe it here:

  Love is mutual support, understanding, not abandoning, nor giving up;

  Love is not selfish, not jealous, not guilty, regardless of the other party's fault;

  Love is when you wake up in the morning, you can say a little I love you to your loved one.

  Love is the moment when the wind and rain come, and you can take your partner's hand and face it together.

  Love is when you look back on the past, you are worthy of your love, you are worthy of your life, and you will be happy all your life.

  The groom xx heaven and earth to testify for you today, the presence of all his friends to witness for you, could you solemnly answer me the following questions, xx, are you willing to and XXX, become the lawful husband and wife, from now on, no matter rich or poor, whether health or disease, whether in prosperity or adversity, whether she young beautiful, or appearance old, you are always love each other with him, stay together, and life, are you willing to, (groom: I'd love to!)

  XXX, are you willing to, and become the lawful husband and wife xx, from now on, no matter rich or poor, whether health or disease, whether in prosperity or adversity, whether he is young or old, you are always with him, and love each other and stay together, and life, will you? (bride: I do!)

  I would like to say that just three words of your infinite love will be the most determined answer in your life. Congratulations.

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