Congratulations on your wedding congratulations.

 Please accept my hearty congratulations upon your marriage.May Peace,Health,Happiness and Bright Future attend both your bride and yourself until the end.

  I wish you both the best of luck and, ever-increasing happiness as the years go by.

  I wish you both all the luck and happiness life can offer。

  Please accept our most sincere congratulations upon your holy matrimony with... and very best wishes for all the good future in the world.

  Allow me to join the chorus of congratulations upon your recent marriage.

  My husband joins me in hoping that you have a long and happy and prosperous life together.

  Wishing you many happy returns of the wedding day.

  My heart felt congratulations on your coming happy union!

  My sincere congratulations on this auspicious event of yours.

  Our best wishes to the two of you for a happy marriage filled with all the good things.

  Best wishes from one of your old friends on your engagement.

  My very best wishes to you for a lifetime of happiness.

  I take great pleasure in sending here with a little wedding present in celebration Of the happy event.

  We send you both our love and best wishes for every happiness that life can bring.

  Let me wish you and your bride every joy and the best of everything.

  I hope you will have nothing but joy and happiness in your life together.

  May you always have everything you wish for a rich life together.

  May every happiness be yours on this wedding day.Let an old friend of yours send her love and congratulations to you and the groom.

  The news of your recent marriage having reached me,I beg to offer my most sincere congratulations.

  My wife and I are very delighted to hear the news of your marriage.We send you both our love and hope you will have nothing but joy and happiness in your life together.

  I heartily congratulate you upon your choice of your partner for life since l can't think of two people more suited to each other than you two.

  I wish you all the happiness in the world.

  My sincere congratulations on your happy marriage and my best wishes to you two for a lifetime of happiness.

  Heartiest congratulations and best wishes to you both for along life and an ever—lasting happiness。

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