Heat did not enter the playoffs

Heat did not enter the playoffs. Summary of the season in the Heat, after the Big Three, especially Wade courtesy of Riley suddenly jumped out, referring to accusations that Wade to Wound as an excuse to spend too much time, leading to the Heat can not enter the playoffs. At that time, people did not know what drug sales in Riley, and later learned that he is trying to take down Wade's contract. Although located in the central United States, Indiana has no geographical advantages and strong economic strength of the east coast Jan Rutta Adidas Jersey, but has always been in the national basketball leader, the annual number of players delivered to the NBA after New York and California. Good basketball players like Hayward and Hill come from Indiana Lance Bouma Adidas Jersey. Andr Drummond (Pistons): 10 out of 5, 11 points, 15 rebounds, 7 forwards, 5 assists, 1 steal 3 blocks. Pistons free throw fewer Pacers 11 times, Zhuang Shen only penalty 2 balls, 2 in 1. The recent referees in the NBA have taken care of the home team and the visiting team is not cheap in terms of fouls and free throws Drew Miller Adidas Jersey. Zhuang Shen Xin said I practice hard penalty free throws this summer, do not give the opportunity to show ah. Victor - Oladipo (Pacers): 21 points and 15 rebounds 4 assists and 1 steal 1 block, 5 one-third. That cap to Bradley can compete today's best shots Ville Pokka Adidas Jersey.

Heat did not enter the playoffs
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