In the final turn Wade

In the final turn Wade, Riley and arrogant out tens of millions of annual salary. At that time, the league has implemented a new salary cap Tommy Wingels Adidas Jersey, the general salary of the players rose, the general players get thousands of annual salary, abound. Wade, the heat of the team spirit, with excellent reputation and image of the superstar Richard Panik Adidas Jersey, Riley only give tens of millions of annual salary, with too much to describe. On November 7, 2015, the Indiana Pacers put on a Hickory Commemorative jersey for the first time at home and decided to wear the Hickory jerseys at six home games in the 2015-16 season Will Pelletier Adidas Jersey. This was initially a commercial propaganda tool for the Pacers, but the sale of tickets to every Hichory Hickory Memorial was sold out, leaving Pacers to continue the tradition and to combine other activities such as Family Day Eric Semborski Adidas Jersey, School Day, Attract more young fans to watch the game. Kyle - Kuzma (Lakers): 23 in 11,2 thirds, free throws 7 in 6,30 points and 10 rebounds and 1 assists. 30-year career high, Kuzma cost the first season to get 30 +10 rookie. This is also the sixth time he got 20+ this season, leading all rookie this season. Wharton coach said after the game: "When he played like the second half, he is his opponent's nightmare.

In the final turn Wade
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Heat did not enter the playoffs
2015-16 season

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