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 Beyoncé Takes Louis Vuitton x Supreme―and New-Mom Swagger―to the Next Level

 No one dresses for date night quite like Beyoncé, and for a night out at West Hollywood foodie destination Sushi Park with husband Jay-Z, the new mother of twins brought a bit of runway chic to a strip-mall setting. Beyoncé arrived dressed in a striped wrap dress by contemporary label Alexis with a plunging neckline, puffed sleeves, and seersucker print―and made it her own thanks to the use of several statement accessories. Layering on gold necklaces, a pair of white cat-eye sunglasses, and a logo-covered Louis Vuitton x Supreme clutch, Beyoncé added swagger to a summer style that could have seemed standard.

  Knowing how to spice up a look is a skill, but sharing an ensemble creatively on social media takes talent. And in addition to posting a pair of sultry snaps taken from across the table that night, Beyoncé gave fans an all-angles video of her outfit set to Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up,” taking her selfie game to the next level. Her biggest accomplishment with the look, though, might have been wearing the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration in a way that feels fresh. By avoiding the monogram jackets and hoodies that have been embraced by seemingly every influencer the last few weeks in favor of the stark, graphic bag, she proved that the most important accessory isn’t a must-have designer piece―it’s a fresh point of view.

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Beyoncé Takes Louis Vuitton x Supreme―and New-Mom
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How to arrange eleven details on the lawn wedding scene

Lawn weddings are fashionable and romantic, so they are loved by the couples who are about to get married. Here's a look at some of the details we've Shared.

How to arrange the lawn wedding scene

The first is the choice of wedding venue. The form of wedding decides the choice of wedding venue. Romantic travel wedding, grand hotel wedding, fresh lawn wedding and holy church wedding, according to the different forms of wedding choice of different venues, will give a sense of pleasure.

The second is the stage background, which cannot be too monotonous, cannot reflect the new couple's style, and cannot be too fancy to steal the new couple's limelight.

The third is the entrance, to let people enter the venue, can experience the atmosphere of the wedding. So do your best at the entrance.

The fourth is the red carpet area. The red carpet area should be used to attract the visitors' attention. Therefore, this place is a place that attracts people's attention.

The fifth is the welcoming area, which is the place to welcome the guests and often the first impression to the guests. In particular, the wedding flower art can be unique in the welcoming area.

The sixth is the staircase. No matter the new couple is walking down or up, they will have a wonderful feeling through the visual Angle. The layout on both sides will also give the new couple a very natural sense of integration. So make good use of these stairs.

The seventh is the flower door, the flower door decorate cannot leave flower, silk flower and balloon these three big themes, the purpose is to increase a few colour for wedding namely.

The eighth is the way leads, must complement each other with the flower door, lays a happy road for the new person.

The 9th is the sign-in desk, the place that signs in for the guest, also is a show window of performance wedding image. The guests will be left with a first impression. So a warm and creative check-in desk for you to leave more good impression.

The tenth is the photo exhibition area, do not cherish your wedding photos at home, wedding day should let everyone witness your happy moment.

The eleventh is table flowers. Table flowers are the highlight of wedding reception. He can not only show the sense of hierarchy of the wedding scene, but also let guests enjoy the beautiful scenery while enjoying the delicious food. Therefore, you should communicate with the florist about the wedding style and design the most suitable table flowers.

Above is the small make up for everybody to arrange the decoration detail that brings about lawn wedding, the friend that has need can come to detailed understanding, hope can bring to everybody useful reference help.

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How much does 1 carat diamond ring oneself how does diamond ring maintain at home

Jewelry is silent, but a woman's best friend. A diamond ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. It symbolizes love and commitment. While every woman has a carat dream, the price of a one-carat diamond ring isn't for everyone. How much is a carat diamond ring?

How much is a carat diamond ring

The international 4C standard and the most important factor of the price of fluorescent carat diamond. International "4c" standards are colors, clarity, cutting and carat weight.

Carat is a big diamond, generally speaking, the higher the 4C, the better, but the higher the 4C, the more expensive the price. If we just want quality and don't care about price, we can buy the color d-f. Clarity VVS1-VVS2, cut EX, 1 carat, in this case the base is above 70,000. But we don't have to go for high quality corkscrews if we wear them as a general item. In general, we can buy g-h color, VS2 SI1, and kangle diamonds of cut EX, which is about 3.5-5w. If you just buy a size, just want to buy a carat diamond, very the word of pursuit economy, we suggest you buy I-J color, the progress of SI1 cuts the carat diamond of 3EX, so about 25-35 thousand are ok. In addition, it should be noted again and again that cutting EX is because the quality of cutting affects the factor of fire color greatly, and the flash of diamond depends on cutting.

Fluorescence is also affected one of the value of diamonds, because generally contain fluorescence diamond price will be lower than do not have fluorescence diamond. Fluorescence under ultraviolet light will affect the color of diamond, affect the fairness of diamond color rating, so the price will be a little lower. Fluorescence rating is divided into VS, S, Med, F and Non, and the higher the fluorescence, the lower the price.

How to decide the price of 1 carat diamond ring

Naked diamond price + gold fee (precious metal fee for making ring ring and supporting)+ processing fee (diamond cutting, diamond ring design, etc.)+ brand added value (the bigger the brand is, the bigger the value is relative)= diamond ring price.

Diamond ring weight tip: 1 carat is weight, and 30 cents is weight, 1 carat =100 points =0.2 grams.

How to calculate the price of diamond ring:

Diamond price = weight square x one-carat diamond price. For example, if the price of a one-carat diamond of a certain grade is 40,000 yuan, then a diamond of the same grade with a weight of 2 carats, the price is not 120,000 yuan, but the square of the weight times 40,000 yuan, that is 160,000 yuan. If it's a 3-carat diamond ring of the same class, the price is 360,000 yuan.

This valuation is not without reason, because in nature it is extremely difficult to get large grains of diamonds, and the bigger the diamond the harder it is to get. This system of assessing diamond prices fully reflects the principle that scarcity is the price of a thing.

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