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Wearing qipao, the bride's hairstyle feels the most graceful and classical beauty

Cheongsam is one of the best choices for the Oriental bride. The waist-bone feeling bride can wear a charming and charming charm, while the plump and charming bride can wear a rich and moist flavor. Take a look at these pictures of the bride's hair in qipao, choose the most suitable match for yourself, and show the most beautiful side of yourself!

Side parting wave coil hair

Picture of bride's hairstyle in qipao: side part wavy curly hair

Show wen wan temperament wind again this is a classical cheongsam modelling, the girl side points waves go modelling can say is a favorite of women during the period of the republic of China, all show the noble generous, coupled with flowers of cheongsam more show elegant demeanor.

Retro low bun

Picture of bride's hairstyle in qipao: retro low bun

Low bun no bang modelling design restoring ancient ways will delicate facial feature and petite bride face foil more attractive, the collocation with the above noble temperament wind cheongsam texture type of cultivate one's morality, can foil the bride the gentle and tenderness gracefuls and restrained.

Curly bracts with sloping bangs

Picture of bride's hairstyle in qipao: curly bracts with sloping bangs

The curly bract hair style of inclined bang sea is the cheongsam hair style that suits tall and cold temperament beauty, towering bract head already relaxed show tall carry temperament again already, tie-in cheongsam appears elegant and generous.

With sloping bangs and hairstyles

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Picture of the bride's hairstyle in qipao: with sloping bangs and hair pulled back

The hairstyle of inclined bang hai pull hair qipao is elegant and charming, the hairstyle that shows mature especially tie-in plain qipao, the graceful and feminine amorous feelings of Chinese classic beauty deduces incisively and vividly.

Retro hair style

Picture of bride's hair in qipao: retro hair style

Take a bit of restoring ancient ways lasting appeal to pull hair modelling, chic hairpin inserts in hairline, be like the graceful fair lady of the south of the Yangtze river went out from the picture.

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