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The fruit wedding scene was set for a sweet fruit storm

Today's young people more and more pursuit of romantic wedding fashion, personality and fruit in the usual life also was deeply loved by friends, it is with bright color, a fragrant fruit to hold a character of fruit theme wedding. But what if you could make a special wedding out of fruit? Take a look at the fruit wedding scene below to help you create an alternative personality wedding.

The overall style

Fruit wedding scene layout - overall style

Since it is prepared a personalized fruit theme wedding, our wedding theme is that a fruit is given priority to, but the other preparation process and other topics of the wedding planning is about. Flowers or something to prepare, after all, flowers can set off a romantic atmosphere, if there is only fruit that would be monotonous. In the choice of color system, we should see the willingness of new people and the communication with designers. Can choose a hotter color system, also can choose a small fresh color, of course, this all depends on new people. Related reading: the wedding site layout division of labor to ensure the perfect wedding smooth

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Sign in Taiwan

Fruit wedding decorations - check-in tables

On the wedding day, when guests arrive, they must first leave their names and wishes for the couple on the check-in table. When planning the wedding scene, the couple can focus on the design of the check-in table. The flower is indispensable, still can add a few fruit-shaped small set pieces, or put on a few fruit. The smell of fruit permeates the wedding scene and gives a sense of comfort.

Furnishing articles

Fruit wedding decorations - set pieces

The scope of wedding scene is still very large, the decoration of each venue is naturally indispensable. New couples should prepare more fruit-shaped pieces, or real fruit. Can design a few fruit sculpture, or put the fruit into a more beautiful setting, this will leave a memorable memory for the guests.

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