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Fresh bracts make a pretty bridesmaid

Today small make up recommend this cross-hair bridesmaid hair style, the step is very simple, relaxed bud head modelling presents the maid of honor's pretty temperament perfectly. Here's how to do a simple coiffure with your bridesmaid hair: hand tips for a good looking and easy-to-use bouffant.

First of all, let's take a look at this simple dish hair bridesmaid hair, fluffy inclined bang design highlights the bridesmaid temperament, lovely and sweet buds in fluffy head hair style with lovely hair, easily show the maid of honor in the summer cool and pretty temperament.

Step 1: hair your bridesmaid

Smooth and tidy your hair.

Step 2: hair your bridesmaid

Use a medium curling iron to curl your hair slightly.

Step 3: hair your bridesmaid

Divide the hair into upper and lower layers and tie the hair into the upper and lower ponytail (as shown in the picture).

Step 4. Step 4

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Using a comb, the two ponytails are swept backward to create a fluffy feel.

Step 5: step 5

Turn the hair back into a shaggy shape (see photo).

Step 6: hair your bridesmaid

Create a bract head with a puffy ponytail and secure it with a black hairpin.

Step 7: step 7

Choose a simple pearl hairpin in the place of the black hairpin fixed, can cover the black hairpin, achieve the goal of beauty and cover, let the whole model with good-looking.

After putting on the pearl hairpin, the whole shape is finished. Is it easy to operate?

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