Dress for Wedding


How do wedding dresses and wedding shoes match If the bride wore a

pair of colorful shoes on the wedding ceremony, immediately can be added to

the overall temperament, then wedding dress and wedding shoes how to match?

Small make up collected for everybody marriage shoe wants how to match with

the skill of wedding dress dress, let you make a more tasteful fashionable


How do wedding dresses and wedding shoes go

A: dress and shoes


orthodox marriage gauze is white unkempt skirt, can cover the instep, design

relatively simple white shoe can match with this marriage gauze type,

remember not to choose wrong color, give priority to with white, apricot

next, must not choose the shoe of brunet fasten, if be not careful, expose

shoe can appear very abrupt and attract eyeball.

Two: short wedding dress

matching shoes

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This kind of marriage gauze can often see the bride's legs and

feet, a pair of decent wedding shoes is very important at this time, remember

that fastens with color according to the color of the dress choose shoes,

then this kind of marriage gauze is a fitness, taller people wear can more

show temperament, so try to match some high-heeled shoes is beautiful, of

course the height to be on the premise of their own comfort.

Three: qipao type

wedding dress matching shoes

Cheongsam class's wedding dress is more conform

to the Oriental women beautiful, graceful and restrained elegant temperament

traditional qipao class xi suit or dress collocation also in the first place

in the traditional shoes design is first selection, first pay attention to

the Chinese dress is tonal, the second note of the length of cheongsam,

especially should pay attention to the collocation of colour and design,

avoid to cause mashup visual fatigue.

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