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What hairstyle does the girl get in the wedding picture

 As is known to all, before registering, the bride and groom should take good photograph first, and above piece, not only want dignified and elegant, and still want fashionable trend, just won't leave regret, so marriage certificate photograph asks hairdo what? Let's see!

  I. what is the hair style required for wedding photos

  What is the requirement of marriage certificate photograph hair style? Actually, certificate photograph does not have what demand to hairstyle, of course, in order to avoid too "kill matt", new person had better go ahead half a month or a week to clip hairstyle, such hairstyle not only natural, good-looking, and still very easy do hairstyle.

  2. What kind of hair do you like to take a photo of your id card

  1. Round face

  If the face is round, you can tie your hair to the top of your head and cover your ears and cheeks with bangs to reduce the roundness of your face.

  2. Square face

  If face shape is square, so when making hairstyle, want to cover forehead with hair, comb hair to both sides, build a kind of face narrow small and smooth feeling.

  3. Pear shaped face

  If belong to pear model face, so when making hairstyle, want to tie hair tall, cover forehead with a few hair next, the hair is covered with half coil or microwave form inferior line, build forehead wide effect.

  4. Long face

  If face shape is longer, when making hairstyle, want to comb the hair into curl to add bang, such two kinds of union, can reduce face length.

  5. Diamond face

  If belong to diamond face shape, so when making hairstyle, want to press the hair close to cheekbone line, highlight the plump of upper forehead and chin, build the visual sense that gives an egg type face.

  6. Heart-shaped face

  If belong to heart model face shape, so when making hairstyle, want to curl up of the bang in the middle or tilt ground comb to a side, such not only good-looking, and still can increase the width of inferior line.

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