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Wedding photo frame maintenance method - deformation treatment

 Wedding photo albums are usually made of materials such as paper or plastic, which can be easily distorted by some compression or other factors. But if that happens, don't worry too much, just flatten the wedding photo album and press it down with a little weight. But the most important thing is to check where you keep it, not too wet, or too heavy for too long.

  Wedding photo frame maintenance method - water treatment and maintenance

  Water is closely related to our life. If the photo album is placed on the tea table or on the dresser, we can't avoid dealing with water. If you are not careful, the photo album is wet with water, you need to dry the handkerchief or paper towel immediately to avoid water infiltration into the photo. If it's dirty, you can use a wet cloth, but if it's a wooden frame, you can't, because a wet cloth can deform and crack the frame. Many newbies now choose crystal or metal frames for their photo frames, which require only care not to wet them.

  Wedding photo frame maintenance method - photo frame hanging location

  Frame in maintenance methods, frame hang put position is also very important, suggest new people had better not hanging in the head of a bed, because now the frame is bigger, the weight of the frame is relatively heavy, fell to avoid hurt people. If it's hanging, it's best to choose where to hang it on other walls and do a good job of supporting it at the bottom.

  Wedding photo frame maintenance method - after the picture hanging nail

  A maintenance method above said frame to hang put the position, here to remind everybody, if is hung on the bed, had better be in the frame at the bottom of the position, hold two nail photos, a hole in a wall to avoid photo is too heavy.

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