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 Bridesmaid hairdo details the steps to transform into a stylish and romantic temperament bridesmaid

This kind of bridesmaid hair style simple hemp braid is braided the way that braid hair, small and broken wave curls cape in the back, white flower adorns, it is very pure and fresh romance but do not break vogue again? Want to know the specific issuing steps? Let's take a look at how bridesmaid hair is done.

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 1

  To bang out hair good points, first from the right beginning, take out the three strands of hair, according to the three-ply braid and distribute in the form of the spread of the spread of a to keep from next to borrow from them into a plait, pay attention to the time to compile and distribute a little tight.

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 2

  The braid is roughly woven to the top of the ear and is fixed with small black rubber bands. The hair on the left is the same as the hair on the right.

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 3

  Take a small bundle of hair out of a fixed braid, wrap it around the elastic, cover it, and secure it with a black clip.

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 4

  Twist the hair on the left and right sides, then cross the hair on the left and right sides.

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 5

  Secure two strands of crossed hair with a black hairpin

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 6

  Choose small fresh flowers

  Bridesmaid hairdo details step 7

  Then will flower according to the trend of hairstyle wear on the hair, this romantic bridesmaid hairstyle is finished, is the practice simple and good-looking.

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