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There are 10 things you should know about wedding taboos.

Wedding contributed to the happy marriage of two people, we also often relatives were invited to attend the wedding will be, therefore, we must know something about the wedding when should pay attention to the problems, such as taboo and so on. Therefore, this article has collected and collated ten points about wedding taboos. Some friends who need to have a look at it.

  Avoid cold fields.

  The increase of guest is equal to reduce the banquet quality. One simple truth is that every extra guest adds up to a budget for the wedding. If you have a maximum amount of expenses, you increase the number of people and that means lower expenses in other areas. Invite people you care about and people who are important in your life. On the day of the wedding, you must want to be surrounded by a familiar smile, not the face you can't recognize.

  Don't try so hard.

  The wedding reception doesn't have to be the norm, but a lot of people will have one or two of their own shows on the wedding. Such programs are sung and played more Musical Instruments. New people tend to choose their own interests, regardless of whether they are good at it, often make lots of jokes, not only the new face, but also the guests will feel uncomfortable.

  Avoid being late.

  Whether you're holding a wedding or attending a wedding, focus on the time and don't block the start of the wedding. Because if not on time for the wedding ceremony, all the process will be delayed, then held venues and guests will appear some problems, especially after the race may be arranged for another wedding wedding problem, then it will be hard to solve.

  4. Pay attention to the poor friends.

  Some friends like to be drunken gibberish, if the harmonious wedding atmosphere is broken by friends and relatives, it is too much to lose. Others are hard to control after being drunk and must be reminded to pay special attention to the safety of all guests, while keeping your best man or male friend looking at the guest.

  Pay attention to the goods after the banquet.

  When receiving gifts at weddings, you should record them and keep them in your custody. Try not to lose them. After the wedding, the tense nerves will relax and the finishing work will start to fall apart. Wedding planners remind couples to pay attention, especially to guests, and often get lost after the wedding. You know, wedding gifts tend to be expensive, and it's the heart of friends and family. It's a shame not only to be blamed by friends and family.

  Avoid delaying the wedding process.

  Wedding planners recommend taking the least amount of time to receive each guest and arranging the wedding day. On the wedding day, there are many things you have to do, toasting and cutting the cake. If you spend a lot of time hosting individual guests, other guests will think you are a very rude person and will drag the whole process down. If you meet someone you really want to talk to at a wedding, you can finally take some time to catch up.

  Don't forget to eat.

  Hunger is the most overlooked problem that brides and grooms face. Think skipping breakfast will make you look slim in your wedding dress? The cost is great! Breakfast may be your last meal of the day, and you need a lot of energy on this day. If you have a bad stomach, try to eat something that is high in calories and good digestion. If you feel sick at the beginning of your wedding, you won't have time to eat again. Many new people are too busy entertaining their guests to care about their meals. Eating without food makes a person lethargic, and may even faint. So be sure to eat something before the wedding and try to eat as much as you can.

  8. Pay attention to the level of mind.

  "Forget the earrings, that's what I chose for the wedding dress... "Usually the rush starts on the morning of the wedding, and when such a small regret happens, don't take it to heart. If a big problem arises, you don't have to panic and let others solve it for you. You just need to relax, smile and enjoy your day.

  9. Pay attention to the feelings of new people themselves.

  The wedding will bring many people, such as relatives, friends and social groups, to your side, but more importantly, it will bring the two together and live together. When you're planning your wedding, focus on what you want to do, not what others want you to do. Indeed, it is important to consider others' feeling, use some symbolic act will be able to please others, but don't do originally he didn't like, but just to make others happy choice, also don't do beyond their ability to pay.

  Avoid excessive excitement.

  Put on wedding scene is the illusion of childhood will appear, when that day comes, really good bride unable to control their emotions, whether it's face stiff smile, or tears of excitement from beginning to the end, artificial can show their best. While the bridegroom pressure too easy to consider the marriage thing, that use the calm mood, such as sedatives, alcohol causes the unexamined spent himself in the life most important day.

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