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 Overseas destination wedding venues recommend making weddings more romantic.

Many people are unfamiliar with the idea of an overseas destination wedding, in fact, they choose to go overseas to hold their wedding ceremony and spend their honeymoon after the wedding ceremony. Overseas destination weddings are also very popular now, and many couples choose to get married in a mysterious foreign country. There is no romance. The top 10 destinations for overseas destinations are recommended to new friends, so take a good look at your favorite location.

  Overseas destination wedding venue recommendation 1, Hawaii.

  Pleasant environment of Hawaii has the perfect wedding facilities, aloha church, YiKui church bell, Chloe lina church have different characteristics, such as natural beautiful scenery on the beach is also a good choice for the wedding.

  Overseas destination wedding venue recommendation 2, Paris, France.

  Nowhere is this more romantic destination than in Paris. Under the Eiffel Tower, a memorable wedding ceremony was held, saying, "Yes, Ido."

  Overseas destination wedding location recommendation 3, Tahiti.

  The traditional wedding ceremony of Tahiti is held on a private white sand beach. The beach is decorated with colorful flowers and coconut leaves, and the blue and clear lagoon is beautiful.

  Overseas destination wedding venue recommendation 4, maldives.

  The maldives is basically a island hotel, is the world-renowned top honeymoon resorts, a lot of the hotel have a church, for new wedding, let here quiet pure natural beauty to witness your love.

  Overseas destination wedding venue recommendation 5, phuket island, Thailand.

  Phuket is located in the northeast of the Indian Ocean the andaman sea, beautiful azure sea, charming lake in the church, the superior environment and geographic conditions, make phuket many domestic star wedding destinations, such as the look & kelly, can static & Qin Hao, etc.

  6. Hokkaido, Japan.

  The world's only a ice ice church, the church only appear in Hokkaido star wild TOMAMU in winter, in the church all built by natural pure ice, unique transparent ice blue, because only in the winter only about 30 days and more precious.

  Overseas destination wedding venue recommendation 7, Bali.

  Bali has become the most familiar destination for weddings. It is the wedding destination of Yang mi and liu kaiwei, and you know the charm of it.

  Overseas destination wedding venue recommendation 8, Okinawa, Japan.

  Okinawa, the southern paradise of Japan, is a beautiful country with four seasons of flowers, a vast and pure sea of Okinawa, a solemn seaside church, and a wedding that will be remembered forever.

  Overseas destination wedding venue recommendation 9, Greece.

  The bright blue dome and the clock tower, white walls, white and blue, love the sea is pure and fresh, beautiful, quiet fairyland, beside the sea of love the sacred wedding ceremony, you truly vows of eternal love.

  Overseas destination wedding venue recommendation 10, Italy.

  Italy's most popular is the cathedral, st. Francis hall, Sao Paulo, lecture hall, ravi los church of st and so on, if you like the European theater wedding, Italy will be your ultimate destination. The destination wedding is novel and fashionable.

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