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Once the joy wears off after hearing your

There is the engagement party, hen or buck’s party, travel costs for the big day, perhaps a hotel room, a new wedding outfit and a gift.According to M&S Bank, half the adults in the UK will attend at least one wedding this year, with the average cost per guest topping $485. Once multiple invites are factored in, Brits are likely to spend around $1465 this wedding season.

  Wedding guests in the UK spend $161 million a year on stag and hen parties. Four in five adults admit hen parties cause them major anxiety, with 28 per cent claiming they spend more on them than their own holidays.So does the cost of weddings mean we are going to have to start turning down invites?Georgina Childs, 30, has had enough of forking out as a result of being a wedding guest.

  The PR account manager from Woodford, Essex, got herself into $3600 of debt and had to move back in with her with parents after attending 20 weddings and 12 hen parties in four years.She says: “I shudder when the invite arrives. I wish I could say no — but how do you tell your friends you just don’t think their wedding is within your budget?“I know the drill at weddings. The bride will walk down the aisle to Ed Sheeran, the floral theme will be subdued greenery — and my bank balance will have taken another hit to the tune of £270 ($A500).“That’s travel, accommodation, hotel, a gift and a dress. And that figure doesn’t even include the hen do.”

  Since 2014, Georgina has spent $11,850 on weddings and $5100 on hen parties — for a grand total of $16,950.Read more at:queeniebridesmaid | purple bridesmaid dresses online

Woman left $2850 in debt and living with parents
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